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Introducing our powerful 5KVA Inverter Solution—the perfect choice for efficiently powering your home.

This reliable system can handle a variety of appliances, making it suitable for everyday use.

  • 1 Fridge or Freezer: Keep your perishables fresh with a continuous power supply.

  • 3 Rechargeable or Standing Fans: Enjoy cooling comfort throughout your space.

  • 3 Laptops: Stay connected and productive with constant power support.

  • 1 Inverter AC: Experience a cool and comfortable environment.

  • 3 LED TVs (32 inches): Stay entertained with crisp visuals.

  • 30 LED Bulbs: Illuminate your home efficiently.

  • Water Pumping Machine: Ensure a steady water supply.

  • Charging of Phones: Keep your mobile devices charged and ready.



Sales Tax Included
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