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Introducing our cutting-edge 2.5KVA Inverter Solution – the perfect choice for efficiently powering your home without the need for solar panels.

This reliable and cost-effective system is designed to provide clean energy and ensure uninterrupted power supply.


Appliance Compatibility: The 2.5KVA Inverter Solution is tailored to meet your energy needs and efficiently power a variety of essential appliances, making it a practical and reliable solution:


  • 3 Rechargeable or Standing Fans: Enjoy cooling comfort throughout your space with the ability to power up to three fans simultaneously.


  • 2 Laptops: Stay connected and productive with reliable power support for two laptops.


  • 1 LED TV (32 inches): Experience your favorite shows and entertainment on a 32-inch LED TV, providing high-quality visuals while conserving energy.


  • 1 Refrigerator: Keep your food fresh and beverages cool with consistent power supply to a refrigerator.


  • 20 LED Bulbs: Illuminate your home efficiently and brightly with the support of up to 20 LED bulbs.


  • Charging of Phones: Keep your mobile devices charged and ready to use at all times.


Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance: Our 2.5KVA Inverter Solution is equipped with advanced technology to ensure maximum energy output, leading to reduced electricity bills and substantial cost savings. This intelligent system optimizes energy efficiency, providing clean and eco-friendly power for your home.


Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Designed for easy installation and user-friendly maintenance, this inverter solution offers a hassle-free experience. With its straightforward setup and maintenance features, you can enjoy uninterrupted power without any complications.


Reliability and Efficiency: The 2.5KVA Inverter Solution is engineered for reliability and efficiency, making it a superior choice to meet all your energy needs effectively.


Experience the power of our 2.5KVA Inverter Solution – a dependable and efficient way to power your home without the need for solar panels. Enjoy the benefits of clean energy, reduced utility expenses, and peace of mind.


Trust in the dependability of our inverter system to provide uninterrupted power whenever you need it. Invest in a greener and more cost-effective energy solution today.


SKU: 217537123517253
Sales Tax Included
  • 2.5kVA/24V INVERTER 1


  • The solar installation works and commissioning of the system will be carried outwithin Ten (10) working days.

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